Attention Percussion Ensemble Directors:

“Here’s how you can get a group of underachieving beginner students to do a performance that will be remembered for years to come, in a matter of a few rehearsals!”

You will have years and years of value from this exciting and dynamic work, as it will be performed time and time again

From the desk of: Kevin Tuck
Tuesday, 12:45 PM

Dear Percussion Enthusiast,

I remember starting some really average percussion ensembles – groups with students who couldn’t even read a note, let alone play in time or with any musicality!

I needed a piece that helped the students learn to read basic notes effectively, and also shows them the reasons behind some of the technical skills such as accents and dynamics.

Most importantly, I needed something that would inspire! – Something that they could be proud to play, and something that would make them want to learn those reading and technical skills that they were avoiding!

Now before I tell you a little more about the piece, I need to tell you a little more about the first group I wrote this piece for.

This was at one of my first schools, and I had tried a few things to inspire the percussion ensemble. I remember one particular time we had an absolute disaster, trying to play an arrangement of “Tequila”

We had a big concert coming up, and so I needed something which would help them recover from the last disaster performance. I had been studying some japanese taiko at the time, so I thought I would write down a few ideas for them.

At the time I thought that “percussion ensemble” must have tuned percussion, and that is why it was such a profound shift. It MADE the ensemble all play drums, even if they were drummers or not. It had the effect of making them all play as a group, and learn how to work together – because they were playing just one drum each, and there was nothing complicated to confuse things.

The piece turned out to be wildly successful for this particular group. The first performance was so successful they were invited to perform it again and again.

They were all in junior high at the time, and they went on in the next few years to be one of the most successful student groups I was ever involved with.

If this was an isolated incident you might say it was just one of those lucky occurrences, or that it was about me as a teacher. The thing is that not only did the same thing happen at the next school I was teaching at, but I have heard heaps of similar stories from teachers all around the world when they have used this piece.

It inspires and motivates the students, by being not too difficult to play, but sounding great when it is together!


Summon the Spirits

  • Easy to implement for beginner drum students
  • Sounds great in just a few rehearsals
  • Is heaps of FUN to rehearse and perform!
Summon the Spirits Music Cover

Have a listen to the full recording

So that you can get a concept of the complete piece, have a listen to the complete recording here, and scroll down to see the excerpts while you listen.

The piece opens with a fiery unison, and as you can see each part (optionally) uses two drums. Very often with this piece each player can simply play one drum for equally good effect, so while two drums can be used for each player, it is not essential.

Summon the spirits score excerpt 1

The piece quickly settles down to some interesting interplay between all four parts. Each part takes a turn to do the accompanying “drone” role (seen in part four in the example) and the other parts weave and combine voices to create interesting interplay between the parts.

Summon the spirits score excerpt 2

Dynamics play a crucial role in the piece, with several sections like this one where the dynamics are the most important element in the musical structure

Summon the spirits score excerpt 3

There is also a solo section, where each player can play a four bar improvised solo. Improvisation in this context is not difficult, and drummers really enjoy the challenge of solos in this kind of structure.

Summon the spirits score excerpt 4

after the solos there is a fiery unison section again, and some vocal chants to liven things up! Then there is a section where each player forms part of the overall moving semiquavers through the group. This is excellent for the students counting – they can’t get away without reading this bit!

Summon the spirits score excerpt 5

Some more chants, this time in separate parts lead to our final conclusion! You will notice once again the crucial role that dynamics play in this piece.

Summon the spirits score excerpt 6

Included with the piece you will find:

Full score
Full Set of parts
Guidelines for choosing appropriate drums
High quality mp3 recording Included FREE!

“We regularly perform Summon the spirits to promote percussion in our school”

Kinta Williams - music teacher at Horsham College"Here at Horsham College we performed "Summon the Spirits" to promote percussion in our school. The staff and students thoroughly enjoyed the performance and a member of the audience enjoyed it so much they invited us to perform the piece at a community fundrasing concert in the town. Percussion has now grown at Horsham College and we currently have a percussion ensemble of over 15 students."
Kinta Williams

Music Teacher
Horsham College
Victoria, Australia

“especially exciting for those students brought up in the traditional non-vocal world of high school percussion”

“Summon the Spirits” turned out to be a perfect piece for “Taiko Glendale,” an authentic instrumentation Japanese-style Taiko ensemble based at Glendale Community College in Arizona. The rhythmic shouting of “Ha!” by the players make it especially exciting for those students brought up in the traditional non-vocal world of high school percussion. “Summon” will definitely be featured in our public concerts this semester!

Nobuhiko Yonekura
Arizona, USA

If you’re looking for excitement in your next event, this is the piece to use. Students enjoy becoming a Taiko Drummer to the extent that they’ll even make headbands and costumes to go with it.

Its loud, dramatic and a high profile experience; This piece will make everyone stop and watch whether it’s part of a indoor concert or an outdoor event.

The rhythm reading and dynamic variation involved in this piece is very accessible to an Intermediate level group and is an excellent vehicle for the learning of rhythm and effective drumming techniques.

Summon the Spirits is purely an acoustic piece. It doesn’t need any electronics to help keep it all together or embellish the sound. Both you and your students will enjoy making heads turn with this one!

Bonus Recording, that you can distribute as you need!

Because I know that in learning this piece a recording is important – it will inspire your students even more. It cost me a lot of money to get it professionally recorded, but I know that it is worth it. This is also a FREE license recording, you can make as many copies as you need for your students!

Here is the best thing about music from KT Percussion

When you purchase music from a traditional sheet music retailer you have only the music to guide you – you have to guess what the composers intention is from only the music and notes included.

When you purchase music from KT Percussion you get personal access to me, the composer and arranger of all the music. You can ask me any question you like about the music, instrumentation and rehearsal procedures.

You will get my personal email address, as well as my phone number and skype contact details, and I’ll be happy to talk to you about how to get the piece going in your school.

This kind of backup support is priceless – and it is included with each and every piece in the KT Percussion Catalog.


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I don’t worry about the length of time…..If for some reason you are not absolutely thrilled, then just email me within 90 days, let me know what went wrong and I’ll refund your money!

No Questions. No Hassles.

If you choose to own this piece electronically, not only can you download the score and parts immediately – you will also get a FREE MP3 recording of the piece, so you can hear and demonstrate how the piece comes together. You can also choose to have the piece shipped to your door for a small extra fee, along with a CD.

If you are unsure what the music will look like when you download it, click here to view a sample of the score and program notes in its downloaded format

Recommended Retail Price for this piece is $44.95, and if you wish you can purchase it for this price – printed, bound and posted to your door.

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Not only can you download the score & parts immediately – you will also get your FREE High Quality MP3 recording of the piece – so that you can implement it straight away.

So now you have seen how to encourage a Beginner Drum Group with some Taiko inspired drumming, but at the same time teach them the importance of good technique and reading music. Your students will have so much fun, they wont even realise they are learning!

Download today and try it out with your ensembles tomorrow – and see exactly how much it will inspire them

Kevin Tuck
Composer & C.E.O – The Fun Music Company Pty Ltd

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