If you want to showcase a group of five percussionists, and have a flexible performance that will work in any situation then this is the work for you!

(It’s also ideal for a dance showcase performance)

Dear Percussion Friend,

This work started life as a commission. I was asked to compose a work for "percussion and dance" – for a school that had a fairly small percussion program, and reasonably limited numbers of instruments.

They had some hand drums, one xylophone, one pair of roto toms, two timpani and a drum set. What could I come up with that would make maximum use of these instruments, and also be suitable for the dance teacher to choreograph a routine for?

The Answer:

Natural World Suite

Three Short Movements which can be played together or separately

Three Short Movements of Earth, Water and Fire, showcase individual sets of instruments, so that it doesn’t have to be performed as a complete work.

Movement One – Earth

This movement features hand drums – specifically one pair of bongos, two conga drums (one pair is fine, to be split between two players) and two Djembes.

It doesn’t even really need specific hand drums – it will work adapted to whatever you have. You can even add more players and really expand the work if you wish.

Lets have a quick listen
Movement 1 – Earth
(complete recording)

As you’ll see in this next example, Dynamics play a very important part in this piece – utilizing the entire dynamic range of the Djembes, Congas and Bongos

There is plenty of opportunity for some of the players to take center stage with solos – they are written out, but can be improvised if preferred.

Movement Two – Water

Movement 2 – Water
(complete recording)

This movement features tuned percussion – specifically one xylophone, one glockenspiel, plus Timpani and Drums.

The opening allows you to feature some “atmospheric” untuned percussion, including triangle, windchimes and rainstick.

The piece is cleverly written so that if necessary the two xylophone parts will fit onto one small xylophone, or if you have a larger ensemble then it can easily be doubled
Its written in such a way that even non mallet players should be able to pick this up quite easily, as it is based on a repeating descending motif.

The piece climaxes with a Timpani Solo – utilizing just two standard size Timpani. Even if you don’t have Timpani the part could easily be adapted to Tom Toms or Roto Toms if necessary.

The piece finishes with clever interplay between all the parts, and a descending part on the Timpani that requires the player to gradually pedal down to the lowest possible note, and then you have a chance to hear the thunder of the concert bass drum.

Movement Three – Fire

Movement 3 – Fire
(complete recording)

As the name suggests this movement features more lively, fast and furious approach. Featuring the instruments of the drum kit plus a pair of roto toms the piece opens with a very lively motif.

Some tricky metric modulation then occurs, leading it to 12/16 time

Then it goes back to 4/4 – but now at a faster tempo:

This leads to an exciting bass drum solo, and then somewhat unexpectedly the piece gradually loses its intensity, but doesn’t slow down. This is reminiscent of a fire flickering away until it finally disappears.

This is quite different to many of the works in the KT Percussion Catalog:

  • This is a true quintet – it has five very important parts, and all are critical to the success of the piece
  • This piece is ideal for challenging a small group of more advanced percussionists, or for showcasing your percussion program
  • It is adaptable for a small range of instruments, and doesn’t need any non-percussion instruments at all
  • You can of course double or triple parts to cater for larger ensembles – or split the group into three smaller groups to perform the individual movements. That way you’ll get three times the rehearsal time, and get the students actively running their own rehearsals!

But What if it doesn’t meet my expectations?

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