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Dear Friend,

Have you ever had a class or group that thought they had done it all? I used to have groups that felt they knew everything, that they had experienced all musical styles, and that there was nothing new that would inspire them to learn more.

These groups were frustrating to me – I could give them arrangements of TV themes or Pop songs, but they never ever seemed to get anywhere with them… they would just play the notes, and not be inspired.

We have all been there – It is really depressing to spend an entire weekend or evening arranging a pop tune, and then walk into the class and the students go “I don’t like that song… can we play_________ ?” etc

On top of that I knew the school showcase concert was looming, and the students had already played their old repertoire too much and needed something new, big and exciting!

It was at one of these times that I spent my entire weekend composing “Into the light” – I worked from 6AM to midnight three days in a row, and wrote the entire piece, so that it would be ready for my rehearsal on Monday.

It was only when I was walking down the corridor on the day after the first rehearsal, when I heard the piece being practiced in one of the practice rooms that I realised that my long weekends work had not been in vain! – this was the first time I had ever heard serious practice of any of this ensembles pieces!

Into the Light Music Cover

This is a piece which is designed for a Percussion group with Keyboards, Pianos and Bass Guitar, and it is adaptable to whatever you might have available in your class.

This also gives you a chance to show off the technology that is available in your school – the piece makes use ofsynthesised effects commonly available on standard keyboards, yet rarely used!

The exciting thing about this piece, is that it isn’t the same the whole way through!

The opening makes use of a eerie keyboard sound (commonly available on all General Midi keyboards), together with Vibraphone and Piano to set the scene of darkness.


A dramatic melodic build up leads to a taiko inspired drumming section! – Where the tune evolves into the main theme of the piece


A dramatic climax with all the instruments involved ends this section with the listener still wanting more!
The following section suddenly becomes tranquil, and the untuned percussion has a chance to groove!All the melodic instruments gradually join in and weave together an intricate mix of melody


The piano introduces the final section, where the instruments come together in a dramatic climax. The taiko element is still represented and the keyboards from the opening come to the fore again.


The whole piece finishes with a reflective piano solo – concluding the piece with a lyrical style


In all this you can see how “Into the light” came into being – It was because of a need in my ensemble for a dynamic showcase, and it is only because I have kept on getting requests for it that I decided to include it in the KT Percussion Catalog.

The benefits of this piece is that it lends itself very well to presentation in performance to give it a real “wow” factor. Once you have the music learned, it would be easy to implement some other performance effects such as lighting or multi-media presentations to go along with it.

This piece could even be the background for a multi-arts performance, involving dance or drama elements – Use your imagination and use what I have done as a starting point!

See what others have said about
“Into the Light”

"…got everyone’s attention right away."

“Hi Kevin,

"just wanted you to know that my percussion ensemble played your "Into the Light" at our winter concert. It was a big hit with both the students and the audience. In the beginning – where the synthesizer plays – I used two students on that part. One programmed as you notated and the other as a "space vehicle" A neat effect. It was our 1st number in the concert and got everyone’s attention right away."

Diana Uttenreither
Band Director
Dunloggin Middle School


"My students found it thoroughly enjoyable to rehearse and perform"

"Into the Light is an excellent and unique sounding piece for percussion ensembles. My students found it thoroughly enjoyable to rehearse and perform; a truly stimulating example of percussion prowess."

Zac Courtney
Percussion Teacher
Trinity College, Adelaide


Included with the piece is:

  • Full score showing every part
  • Full Set of parts
  • Instructions on how to implement the keyboard parts
  • Midi sequence & high quality mp3 recording Included FREE!

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Not only can you download this score immediately – you will also get a FREE mp3 CD Quality recording of the piece. This will give you a great starting point to play to the students, and inspire them from the start.

But what about the instruments that I don’t know anything about?

Good Question! – There is FULL performance notes included in the score which detail all of the specific techniques and sounds required in this piece.

But for a limited time, with this piece only we are including a special bonus….

This e-book guide includes all the little “tips and tricks” that you need to set-up, tune and play Timpani successfully in a school situation.

Timpani are often the most mysterious of percussion instruments, as Orchestral Timpani is a fine art, and school teachers often struggle to find just the basic information that they need to use them effectively. This guide lays out the simple things you need to know, like:

  • History and Construction of the Timpani
  • How to set up the timpani
  • How to tune the timpani to a set note
  • How to look after the pedals
  • What mallets to use
  • Basic maintenance
  • Some basic playing techniques

This guide is a product of many years of Timpani lessons, and experience working with Timpani in schools – and I am including it here completely FREE with the purchase of this product!. If you were to buy a book with this information it would cost at least $50 – and you still wouldn’t find the specific information you need to get timpani working in your school band or ensemble.

But What if my students Don’t like it?

At KT Percussion we are so confident that “Into the light” will work for you that we are prepared to offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We know that your investment in this piece will be worthwhile for years to come, as it will become essential in your ensembles repertoire.


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So now you have seen how you can make your next showcase a highlight event. I had to compose the piece to inspire a group, but you don’t have to – you can purchase this piece and download it now at the click of a button!

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Kevin Tuck
Composer & C.E.O – The Fun Music Company Pty Ltd

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