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I am writing to you as a music teacher who has seen it all – I have had music classes which have been an absolute disaster! I have taught music for fifteen years, and in that time I have had some experiences that I would rather forget! Through hard work and perseverance I have developed a few ideas that I have found work every single time, which means that music education for me is a wonderful and fun experience which I treasure.

I used to dread the night before certain classes – particularly in my junior and youngest age classes. I would be expected by my peers and my headmaster to provide a practical experience class for them – however I didn’t have the experience or the necessary materials provided to inspire them, and more than that I never had the time to create the materials that I knew were necessary.

The hardest bit about these classes was that there were some children in the class who could do anything you gave them – and others who couldn’t even keep a steady beat or read a note, so the challenge of finding music that would inspire everyone and lead to a successful, positive outcome was very challenging!

It was at this stage, out of sheer desperation that I wrote several of the pieces in the KT Percussion Catalogue, which I am pleased to be able to introduce to you today.


Calypso Dream

for Junior Percussion Ensemble or Music Class

Calypso dream for percussion ensemble
Listen now:

Whether you have a small group of five or six young percussion students, or a large class of thirty children, this piece will meet your needs.

It is Simple, Easy to implement, and Fun!

This tune is based on a simple Tuned Percussion riff, which can be adapted to whatever Xylophones, Marimbas or Glockenspiels are lying around in your classrooms. Children Love it’s simplicity and its playful character.

As you can see from the examples it is not a tune that requires a great deal of rehearsals, but will be effective for any beginner school group to play either in concert or just as an educational exercise.

Included in the package is:

  • Full Score
  • Piano/Conductor Part – use to play while conducting group
  • Fifteen Parts – Adaptable to your needs
  • Midi sequence & high quality mp3 recording Included FREE!
  • Score and Parts Supplied in Two Keys, F Major and C Major, so you can choose which will suit the instruments you have available!

Calypso dream is based on a very simple tuned percussion riff, and a melody over the top. Children who can’t read music can easily learn the bass part by rote if necessary. Have a listen and see how easy it will be for your children!

percussion Sheet Music Calypso dream music example

Of course there is some more challenging parts – A percussion solo section which will give those who are feeling more confident a chance to shine! – This is deliberately left very flexible so that you can implement it in the way your class needs.

percussion Sheet Music Calypso dream music example
percussion Sheet Music Calypso dream music example

Everyone in the class is doing something constructive. The ability to give everyone a part and make them feel like an integral part of the group is at your fingertips with the wide variety of parts included.

The piece also works with less parts – and even with children who can’t read music – they will still feel that they are contributing to the experience.

Don’t worry if you aren’t confident reading percussion music. The score is put together with easy to read symbols to help you understand what the instruments all have to do very clearly.

The Music is supplied in two complete versions, in F Major and in C Major. The range of some school instruments means that the F Major version is most suitable for some schools, however for those with only diatonic Xylophones an alternative version in C Major is included.


Linstead Market

Give your Class a Steel Band experience!

Linstead Market for Percussion Ensemble
Listen now:

A steel drum inspired melody – this piece can inspire a whole module of learning on West Indian music and culture.
The piece doesn’t require Steel Drums to be played – however if you were lucky enough to have them it could easily be adapted to them

This piece is easy to implement, can be adapted to a variety of instruments, and most of all is great fun!

Included in the score is:

  • Full Detailed score with every instrument
  • Set of parts for every instrument, including treble clef version of the bass xylophone – for those who can’t read bass clef
  • Piano/Conductor Part – so that the teacher can play along and keep it all together if required!
  • FREE download of a MP3 recording AND a midifile of the piece
    • It has a memorable tune which kids enjoy playing
    • It is adaptable to various skill levels in the one class or ensemble
    • It has some challenging parts for the more advanced students in the class
    • It has some really easy parts which children can learn by rote if necessary
    • It leads on to extended learning about the culture and dance of the merengue
    • Always a winner at a concert!
    • How to get a good sound from a Bongo drum
    • The correct way to play a triangle
    • Playing a good rhythm on an ago-go bell
    • The best choices for percussion instruments for the classroom

Linstead Market is based on a traditional Jamaican tune – the tune is very light spirited and easy to remember, which helps students have a successful experience playing it first time.

A main feature of this piece is the Latin American Rhythm Instruments used throughout. Students get a chance to learn how to play the Conga drums with a correct Latin rhythm, the Bongos, Ago-go bells and more!

Linstead Market Rhythm Parts Sample

There is a Percussion Solo Section, where each individual part has an important role to play. Just because a student is playing an untuned percussion part, doesn’t mean they have no importance to the group, or that they can get away without reading music! -This section will help your students become more reliable with their music reading and ensemble skills.

Linstead Market Percussion Break Section

Lemon Merengue Pie

A Fun way to learn about new rhythms

Lemon Merengue Pie for Percussion Ensemble
Listen now:

Lemon Merengue Pie is a piece based around the Merengue (p. mE – ren – gay) Rhythm – which is the National Dance of the Dominican Republic, and its neighboring island Haiti.

There is some argument about the origins of this dance – one story suggests the dance originated with slaves who were chained together and were forced to drag one leg as they cut sugar to the beat of drums. The second story alleges that a great hero was wounded in the leg during one of the many revolutions in the Dominican Republic. A party of villagers welcomed him home with a victory celebration and, out of sympathy, everyone dancing felt obliged to limp and drag one foot.

Either way it goes some way to explain the most characteristic dance step of the merengue – Stepping to the side and then dragging the other leg together.

It is possible the musical style took its name from the confection made of sugar and egg whites because of the light and frothy character of the dance or because of its short, precise rhythms. In Haiti the dance is even spelled “Meringue”. This seemed an obvious choice for the picture on the front of the music!

This piece has ALL the essential elements for a piece to be used in a classroom setting

Lemon Merengue Pie is based on a repetitive, groovy bass line, which even if children have had limited experience playing music they should be able to learn to play on a Xylophone or Marimba. This is accompanied by a harmony part, which can be learned easily in one lesson!

percussion music lemon merengue pie sample 1

Drummers and Untuned percussion players get an opportunity to learn a different rhythm than they have ever learned before! This is NOT a standard “Rock Beat” – like many of the arrangements available for school band!, so drummers enjoy the challenge of something they have not encountered before.

percussion music lemon merengue pie sample 2

Included in the Product is:

percussion music includes Full Detailed score with every instrument
percussion music includes Set of parts for every instrument
percussion music includes Piano/Conductor Part – so that the teacher can play along and keep it all together if required!
percussion music includes FREE download of a mp3 recording AND a midifile of the piece

Just have a look at what some others are saying about these pieces

"Written in an easy way for them to understand, and that they would find enjoyable"

Rachel Rodwell - Percussion TeacherI teach a lot of junior school students, and I found it very difficult to find music which they could play effectively as a group. When I discovered Kevin’s junior school percussion pieces I was amazed to find music which was written in an easy way for them to understand, and that they would find enjoyable. The thing I enjoyed most about it was that I could find something in the arrangement for every player, and every student has a musically satisfying role in the group.

Rachel Rodwell
Percussion Teacher
Maryatville Primary School
South Australia


Bonus Teaching Guides

Each piece in the Junior School collection includes a Teaching Guide – detailing the step by step process in implementing these pieces in the classroom, and getting results from the group.

Don’t worry if you are new at taking Percussion Ensemble classes – the Teaching Guides will assist you in finding appropriate parts for each child and being able to effectively demonstrate each part.

Sample of Teaching Guides included with KT Percussion Music

Recommended Retail Price for any of these pieces is $29.95 each – and you can buy them in hard copy form from one of our dealers if you wish.

However, if you choose to purchase online, you can choose to buy any one of the pieces listed above here – Including the teaching guide for the very low price of $19.95..

Not only can you download this score immediately – you will also get a FREE MP3 recording of the piece, and a General Midi File – so that you can implement it easily in your classroom, even if you don’t have all the instruments. Your computer or Midi file player can fill in the gaps!

Your Satisfaction with this music is Guaranteed

At KT Percussion we are so confident that our pieces are ideal for teaching environments that we are prepared to offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We know that your investment in these pieces will be worthwhile for years to come, as they will become essential in your repertoire of teaching ideas.


Unconditional Money Back Guarantee
At KT Percussion we are dedicated to providing the best musical experiences. If you aren’t sure that your students will LOVE this music then just grab our risk-free offer and download your music today, and watch first hand how it will inspire and enliven your students in your music classes or ensembles.
This is not a 30 day Guarantee, a 60 Day Guarantee, or a 90 Day Guarantee… this is an “If you don’t get results from this music – you don’t pay guarantee!
I don’t worry about the length of time…..If for some reason you are not absolutely thrilled, then just email me within 90 days, let me know what went wrong and I’ll refund your money!

No Questions. No Hassles.


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Calypso Dream Percussion Ensemble Music

Calypso Dream

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Calypso Dream Percussion Ensemble Music

Linstead Market

Includes the FREE Teaching Guide
mp3 and Midi recordings
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Calypso Dream Percussion Ensemble Music

Lemon Merengue Pie

Includes the FREE Teaching Guide
mp3 and Midi recordings
Price $19.95 USD


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percussion reference guide - all the help you need with percussion music

This guide details lots of the basic, yet fundamental techniques that teachers often don’t know about with percussion instruments, after all – you are a fully qualified teacher – not necessarily a percussionist!. This is your chance to get a quick and easy guide to all those things that make your teaching inspirational, specifically:

This is your chance to get not only the music, but access to valuable, inside information that only a percussionist would know! By using these simple techniques you can get results instantly that work, and make YOU the expert on percussion in YOUR classroom!

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Percussion Tips and Tricks – A classroom teachers handbook

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So Now that you have seen what we have to offer at KTPercussion, you can see how we can make your practical music classes a lot easier! – I had to go through the trial and error procedure to find out what would work in the classroom for over fifteen years, and yes.. the ideas are very simple – I don’t deny that. You can save yourself the bother and have what I learned in fifteen years at the click of a button!

Download this music today and try it out with your classes – then if you’re not happy for any reason with the value that this package represents, then all you have to do is contact me for a refund. Thats it.. Where else can you can sheet music on those terms?

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