Websites all about Percussion, Percussion Instruments and Percussion Education

All About Mallet Percussion
Learn about the history of the vibes, marimba, and xylophone. Read about the leading players and their best recordings.

Percussion Music Online
Online Directory with lots of percussion music! – Great Site with excellent detail on percussion music and instrumentation of major compositions.

Percussion Orchestrations
Percussion requirements for orchestral repertoire

Elite Percussion
Excellent Articles and Networking for Percussion in the UK – Excellent information about Percussion Education and Orchestral Percussion

Jim McCarthy – Percussion Clinic
Lots of Interesting Articles on Drums and Percussion, including the world’s largest bass marimbas!

Learn the Djembe with Video Djembe Lessons
Learn Djembe with online articles and videos, links to the best recordings, lessons and videos about hand drumming and the Djembe.

Virtual Drummer School
Excellent Educational Drum School

Rhythmic Spirit
For all your musical needs from tuition to parties
GREAT SITE – Lots of free lessons on Jazz Mallets!

Percussion Videos Lessons
A education site selling dvd and videos lessons for many different percussion instruments plus some free video lessons and article about percussion instruments all available for download and shipping.

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