Here’s how you can make use of all those extra percussion instruments lying around in the classroom!

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I’ve been a percussion teacher for over ten years, and I’ve visited hundreds of schools. In heaps of these schools I’ve found instruments lying around in cupboards and boxes that never get used! Its such a pity that such great instruments get forgotten, and just guitars and drums get played.

I told myself I would never be like that, and I would never allow the instruments to go under-utilized. That was until one day I realized that the only use the concert xylophone was getting was when the guitarist put his case on top of it!

That was the day I decided to write a percussion showcase like no other! I wanted to show off the xylophone, the vibraphone and all the underutilized bits that were around the music room. I wanted to get the percussion ensemble playing something that people would sit up and take notice of, and really showcase these under-utilised instruments.


Caribbean Samba

A Colorful piece of melody and auxiliary percussion instruments!

Caribbean Samba Music Cover

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Have you ever wondered what to do with those extra claves, ago go bells whistles and mixed percussion lying around the classroom? Get them all polished and ready to play for this exciting, light and musically inspiring redition of a Caribbean influenced tune!

Through playing this piece your students will develop new skills on how to play some exciting rhythms on the auxiliary percussion instruments, and they will also develop that innate sense of teamwork to pull of the enhancing dynamics and musical effects.

The Piece opens with a gradual percussion build up – this is a great start for a school percussion ensemble, because all you need is a reliable student to start, and you are sure to be off successfully. It is much more reliable than an “all in” start for some groups.


Caribbean Samba Example number 1

Our happy melody eventually comes in, and in Rondo form this piece continually returns to this theme.

Caribbean Samba Tuned Percussion Example

In this piece three of the tuned percussion players get to really feature, with 16 bar solos. They are written out, or the players can improvise if they wish.

Caribbean Samba Tuned Percussion Example

At the end of each solo there is a short interlude, and interesting interplay between the tuned percussion and the untuned percussion parts.

Caribbean Samba Tuned Percussion Example

There is then a flexible percussion break, which gives you the chance to highlight any untuned percusison players who are shining in the group

Caribbean Samba percussion break example

At the end of the piece the energy shifts up a gear, and the key shifts up a tone! Percussion players are not too familiar with key changes, so this chance to do one is a big hit for most ensembles.

Caribbean Samba key change example

So, if you are looking for something to inspire your ensemble to play their tuned percussion, and to get the all those miscellaneous bits and pieces out with, then this is the one.

You can even incorporate your own instruments, more than just what is in the score.

Included with the piece is:
Full score
Full Set of parts
A compressed score which can be used to conduct from an instrument
Guidelines for choosing appropriate instruments

Bonus Recording

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But What if my students Don’t like it?

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So now you have seen how to get out all those dusty instruments with some inspired tuned percussion playing. Your students will have so much fun playing this piece that they wont even realize they are learning!

Try this music out in tomorrows percussion ensemble rehearsal – you’ll be glad you did!

So what are you waiting for – Claim your copy now!

Kevin Tuck
Composer & C.E.O – The Fun Music Company Pty Ltd