Do you want to know how to create a great sounding and highly effective percussion ensemble for a school with almost No instruments and No budget?

How getting started with Junk Percussion can be easy for you and fun for the students – whether its for a quick workshop project or for a junk percussion ensemble

Dear Friend,

It is with much pleasure that I am able to share with you one of my favourite and elegantly simple works for percussion today.

Firstly, a little bit of background….

I have to say that I’ve had a little bit of a second life… You see, for nearly ten years I’ve been traveling around Australia as a Junk Percussionist! More recently I’ve “hung up my Junk sticks” and I’m now letting someone younger do the gigs, but for many years I worked in the R@taque (p. Rat-ack ) Percussion Duo.

Junk Percussion Duo Rataque

There is me, playing the Rain Water Tank, in one of the outrageous outdoor gigs we did over the years.

If you are interested in the group, what we did when I was a performing member, and what the group is doing now, you can check out
What we did a lot of was workshops and performances in schools. When we did these school concerts we often constructed pieces together with the students, and using activities and methods that we knew worked well, we could always reliably come up with a performance piece that would work with one rehearsal.

This worked at primary schools, high schools, and even at an arts conference, with dignitaries and politicians! Our music would always come together and make a successful workshop and a performance.

How did we do this?

Our music is based on simple musical ideas, that are easily accessible by students, and that have familiar “grooves”. It also worked because we would set up patterns for improvisation, both by ourselves and by the students. We would also discuss and practice the improvisation with the students, so that it didn’t become difficult and “scary” for the students.

For the very first time, some of the music which we used for these workshops is now available!


hittin It by Kevin Tuck and Jim McCarthy

Hittin’ It is a simple and effective piece which works for school percussion. You can use virtually ANY instruments you have, and there is full teaching notes provided, But more about that later.

Realistically, in most music classes you are likely to have a class like this:

1-5 Students who can play drums, often very well!
1-30 other Students who can’t play drums at all, and are often frightened to even try!

Realistically this is the situation you are likely to face. Therefore, if you attempt to go into a class with something really easy to play on Junk Percussion, you’ll find that the drummers will get pretty bored, pretty quickly.

On the other hand, if you go in with something that is too challenging, and right for the drummers, you’ll find very quickly that the less experienced students will quickly get overwhelmed and bored of the activity.

That is why Hittin It is written the way it is. There are three relatively easy parts, that you don’t need to be a drummer to play, and one reasonably challenging part for the drummers. Lets have a look at the opening, and you’ll see what I mean.

hittin it sample 1

As you can see, you have three parts with just crotchet notes and rests, and part four is quite complicated. Don’t worry however if your drummers can’t really read music all that well, they can learn it by rote if needed.

There is an improvisation section, which gives each and every member of the ensemble a chance to shine. Don’t worry if you arent familiar with improvisation – you can refer to the notes for ideas on how to implement this.

hittin it sample 2

There is a dramatic “call and response” section at the end, which gives your drummers a chance to really shine, and allows everyone to participate at the same time.

hittin it sample 3

The Score is only three pages long, and the parts are just one page each. The piece in total is only 26 Bars Long! The valuable thing is that this is not just a piece of music, it is a full teaching package. You will get:

image of the music score from hittin it

image of the teaching materials included

image of the recording included

image of the handouts included

OK, but what does it sound like?

The Great thing about a piece like this is that it is different every single time it is performed, and so I didn’t want to have a computer generated midi recording – it would not do it justice.

What is included with this package is a full performance recording of the R@taque Percussion Duo. This recording is not exactly the same, as it includes different improvisation, however it contains the same basic themes. You will have access to the full length, high quality mp3 recording as part of the purchase of this product.

To Give you an idea, please have a listen below to the preview of the first minute of this recording. (The full recording is included at CD quality.)

Rataque Percussion Duo In Action

You are listening to the rataque Percussion Duo’s performance version of “Hittin’ it” This short excerpt recording is taken from Rataque Percussion Duo’s CD “Acoustic Power Play”. The Full recording (5.05) is included with this package.

Ok, so how much is it?

I have been paid up to $1000 per day to do workshops with students on exactly this material, and with this product you are gaining the capacity to do this, because the material works.

For this reason, I don’t want to sell this for a “bargain basement” price, even though the piece is only 24 bars long. It Took Jim and I a long time to refine and work on the ideas represented here, and I am also paying him a reasonable compensation for his efforts.

The eventual price of this package will be $39.95, but for this month only I have kept the price to just $19.95

This will be digitally delivered, minutes after your payment is accepted. You’ll be able to implement the ideas immediately!

Lets Review what is included:

percussion music includes 3 Page Score + 4 Parts (printable PDF File)
percussion music includes 17 Page Teaching Guide (printable PDF file)
percussion music includes CD Quality mp3 recording of R@taque Percussion Duo’s Version of “hittin’ it” for classroom listening and analysis
percussion music includes Two Handouts you can use for homework or class use

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But What if my students Don’t like it?

At KT Percussion and The Fun Music Company, we don’t sell music unless we know it works. If you find for whatever reason that it doesnt work for you, then I insist that you contact us immediately and I’ll give you your money back.


Unconditional Money Back Guarantee

At KT Percussion we are dedicated to providing the best musical experiences. If you aren’t sure that your students will LOVE this music then just grab our risk-free offer and download your music today, and watch first hand how it will inspire and enliven your students in your music classes or ensembles.

This is not a 30 day Guarantee, a 60 Day Guarantee, or a 90 Day Guarantee… this is an “If you don’t get results from this music – you don’t pay guarantee!

I don’t worry about the length of time…..If for some reason you are not absolutely thrilled, then just email me, let me know what went wrong and I’ll refund your money!
No Questions. No Hassles.

So there it is, a complete solution for you – if you want to do some Junk Percussion in schools, you’ll find a great start with “Hittin’ It”. It isn’t the same as getting a Junk Percussion group to come to your school and do a workshop, but it costs about $1970 less!

Once again, all my music at KT Percussion is covered by my no-risk money back guarantee, so that if it doesn’t work for you all you have to do is send me an email and I’ll refund your money.

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So go ahead, make your life easy by investing in this solution for your students NOW!

with compliments,

Kevin Tuck
Composer & C.E.O – The Fun Music Company Pty Ltd

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