Have you ever needed to turn a group of drummers into musicians?

If they all work together then nothing is impossible….. even making the mountains rise!

Dear Friend,

I’ve been a music teacher for fifteen years, and in that time I’ve had some terrific groups of students – and lots of drummers!

Sometimes drummers have a great deal of energy and confidence, and a great deal of enthusiasm for music – its only a matter of harnessing this in a positive way to stop the drummer becoming your worst nightmare!

I remember vividly the lunchtime rehearsals where the drummers would never ever stop making noise and distracting the rest of the band,.. and it was never a positive thing!

I found that What the drummers needed was a piece that gave them a special understanding about musical concepts – they didn’t understand things like dynamics, good ensemble playing and phrasing clearly enough through the pieces that the rest of the band were doing, and I had to find a subtle way to demonstrate it.

It was then that I came up with the concept of a concert piece that would do all these things – the drummers play the melody, the harmony and the rhythm……. they contribute the complete picture of the piece.

And the Mountains Rising

And the Mountains Rising Music

Listen now:

Inspiring a group of students to work as a team is not always an easy task. This piece is built on the premise that if all the members work together effectively as a group anything can be done – Even making a mountain rise is possible!!

This piece will bring your audiences to their feet with excitement as all the instruments are explored in unique ways. Through carefully written dynamic contrasts and aurally pleasing instrumentation this piece will keep everyone actively involved and watching.

The piece opens with two groups of drummers engaging in a "question and answer" conversation. This almost develops into an argument as the players expand on their musical roles in the piece

And the Mountains Rising Score Example

This section is followed by the first of the solo sections – featuring a large concert Bass Drum – reminiscent of a large Japanese O-Diako

And the Mountains Rising Score Example

After a build up at the end of the Bass Drum solo, two high drum soloists take turns and have a “duel” as they exchange musical ideas

And the Mountains Rising Score Example
And the Mountains Rising Score Example

Togetherness is very important throughout the piece – as each player in the ensemble has an important role. In these next two examples you can see how the ensemble weaves together, and then combines with a vocal element.

And the Mountains Rising Score Example

Dynamics play a very important role throughout – and there are sections where the dynamics rule the piece – like this section and the dramatic crescendo to the conclusion which follows

And the Mountains Rising Score Example
And the Mountains Rising Score Example

This piece became a "must" in every percussion ensemble that I ever taught at a more advanced level. While it will take some time to work through, you will have your audiences in rapture and the ensemble will love playing it.

But don’t take my word for it – see what others are saying about “Mountains Rising”

"We have been using Kevin’s pieces at Kings Baptist for over four years now and they have always been the most popular works in the ensembles repertoire. We have built the program at the school up to having three Percussion Ensembles, and they regularly perform them and we have used them for our year 12 Ensemble Performance Assessments. The Students in the ensemble love these pieces, and the audiences do too."

Penny Vandervlag
Head of Performing Arts
Kings Baptist Grammar School, South Australia

"I purchased "Mountains Rising" a few years ago. I had a group of students perform it with no lights on and they used glow in the dark sticks. It was the highlight of the concert and it had the audience out of their seats instantly. Thanks for writing a great piece. As a result of our success with your piece, I have two friends that I have recommended the piece to. One in Michigan and one in Connecticut. Whether they purchased "Mountains" or not I’m not sure, but if they didn’t, it will be their loss!"

Seth Kilbourn
Director of Instrumental Studies
Gerrish-Higgins School District
Roscommon, Michigan

Included with the piece is:

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Guidelines for choosing appropriate drums
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But What if my students Don’t like it?

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Kevin Tuck
Composer & C.E.O – The Fun Music Company Pty Ltd

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