About This Website

KT Percussion is the sole publisher of Percussion Music written by Composer and Educator Kevin Tuck.

Kevin Tuck has written and performed many of his own works throughout his career with outstanding results. Now he is ready to share these interactive pieces with you as well.

With extensive experience in the classroom, as Director of his own Music School and as a percussionist, Kevin has written a range of pieces focusing on percussion, which are particularly relevant in a music education setting.

Graduating from Adelaide University in 1996 with a Masters Degree in Percussion, Kevin has always been passionate that music should be fun and achievable for students at all levels of playing skill and abilities.

Kevins pieces are based on simple ideas that work in practice. Students enjoy playing them and audiences can’t get enough of them.

Kevin has always had a belief that Music should be fun, and so Kevin and his wife Janice have formed a company called the Fun Music Company Pty Ltd, which publish a range of musical materials on the internet.

For more information about the Fun Music Company please visit the Fun Music Company Main Website.