Excites the students to practice more, which benefits the concert and marching band…”

The music from Kevin Tuck is fresh and exciting. I am a clarinetist teaching percussion ensemble, and appreciate the teachable music that I have bought. Tribal Beat Sound System is now a staple “encore” for most performances, and Mountains Rising is a challenge and inspiration to perform. The music excites my students to practice more, which benefits the concert and marching band with fundamentally sound percussionists.

Mike Filkins

Cadillac High School

Cadillac, MI, USA


Having a recording of the music was fantastic…..”

I was thrilled to finally find a site which had full scores of drumming music. My drumming group have started “Summon The Spirits” already and love it. Having a recording of the music was fantastic, because I can’t read notation very well. Thoroughly recommend this site & the pieces!

Sandra Murray
General Music Teacher
Western Australia


especially exciting for those students brought up in the traditional non-vocal world of high school percussion

“Summon the Spirits” turned out to be a perfect piece for “Taiko Glendale,”
an authentic instrumentation Japanese-style Taiko ensemble based at Glendale Community College in Arizona. The rhythmic shouting of “Ha!” by the players make it especially exciting for those students brought up in the traditional non-vocal world of high school percussion. “Summon” will definitely be featured in our public concerts this semester!

Nobuhiko Yonekura


Arizona, USA




“We have been using Kevin’s pieces at Kings Baptist for over four years now and they have always been the most popular works in the ensembles repertoire. We have built the program at the school up to having three percussion ensembles, and they regularly perform them and we have used them for our year 12 ensemble performance assessments. The Students in the ensemble love these pieces, and the audiences do too.”


Penny Vandervlag

Head of Performing Arts

Kings Baptist Grammar School, South Australia



“It is wonderful to have access to music that is fun and energetic to help me to inspire students in musical performance that might otherwise have found music to be “boring” and “too hard”. Using “Summon the Spirits” as a beginner piece I was able to entice a group of students to start a percussion ensemble for year 6 students. The majority of these students had never had formal tuition on an instrument at any stage but had always wanted to be part of a musical performance. Over only a few weeks of basic drumming tutition and reading tuition we were beginning to play sections of “Summon the Spirits” as a group and the kids were loving the sound that they were creating. Our project culminated with two public performances of the piece that were very pleasing indeed. Just to see the smiles on their faces and hear the enthusiastic comments from listeners and parents was wonderful. Some of the students enjoyed the experience so much that they took up percussion lessons or drum lessons. I had achieved what I had set out to achieve also in that I had been able to let a group of students experience the joy of making quality music together and this also inspired a number of younger students who heard the performance to join the group the following year. So I started with a whole new group of students again and we learnt “Calypso Dream”. Though this piece is more challenging because of the melodic parts, the kids managed to learn the parts and we had a fantastic time performing this piece also.

I have a number of Kevin’s works to use with percussion students and it is extremely convenient to be able to communicate with the composer when necessary, download additional parts, and listen to the composition as well as use Australian works in my teaching. Keep up the good work Kevin and especially keep those thrilling and fun beginner works coming!”

Kate Pradella

General Music Teacher





Seth Kilbourn from Michigan
“I purchased “Mountains Rising” a few years ago. I had a group of students perform it with no lights on and they used glow in the dark sticks. It was the highlight of the concert and it had the audience out of their seats instantly. Thanks for writing a great piece. As a result of our success with your piece, I have two friends that I have reccommended the piece to. One in Michigan and one in Connecticut. Whether they purchased “Mountains” or not I’m not sure, but if they didn’t, it will be their loss!”


Seth Kilbourn

Director of Instrumental Studies

Gerrish-Higgins School District

Roscommon, Michigan




well written and fairly priced….

“My name is Graeme Hare. I am the resident drumming tutor at Newcastle drum centre in the UK. I use a number of Kevins products to assist my students. I am particularly impressed with his ensemble pieces. They are well written and fairly priced. My students have really enjoyed using them.”

Graeme Hare


Drum Tutor and Director,
Newcastle Drum Centre, UK




Kinta Williams - music teacher at Horsham College“Here at Horsham College we performed “Summon the Spirits” to promote percussion in our school. The staff and students thoroughly enjoyed the performance and a member of the audience enjoyed it so much they invited us to perform the piece at a community fundrasing concert in the town. Percussion has now grown at Horsham College and we currently have a percussion ensemble of over 15 students.”


Kinta Williams

Music Teacher

Horsham College