Are you looking for a simple solution for a beginner Drum Corps?

Simple and Fun cadences for outdoor or stage performances

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Many years ago I was approached by the Headmaster of the school to see if we could get a small Drum Corps going. This is Australia – land of sit down Concert Bands and Orchestras in schools. No one had ever heard of a Drum & Bugle Corps!, much less seen or played in one!

All I had was about ten cheap drums, some harnesses and lots of enthusiastic parents! We had a parade in six weeks, so I had to find something! – to get music shipped from the USA took a long time, and it was really all a bit technically difficult for my poor little Aussie students!

I was truly inspired when I saw the Drum & Bugle Corps in the opening of the Sydney Olympics in 2000, and so were the students!. I showed them videos of great Drum Corps like the Cavaliers and the Phantom Regiment, but there was no sheet music available that was easy enough and suited the limited drums that we had available.

Besides which, my students had never ever marched, and they had a bit of an attitude about doing so, therefore I had to find clever little “tricks” to encourage them to make drill practice a fun part of the experience. (more about this later)

Needless to say, if you are looking for a simple and effective solution for a beginner drum line, then these two pieces may be able to help you.

Beat That Drum
Mambo Jambo

Two Short Cadences which can be played together

Beat that drum music cover

These Cadences are written for:

  • Snare Drums
  • Trio Tenor Drums (can be adapted to quads)
  • Two Bass Drums (can be rearranged if you have more

“Beat That Drum” opens with a vocal count in, and then a four bar phrase, which is ideal for some simple movements. It can be memorised easily for a Street March or a Stage Performance.

There is a feature section for each instrument in the group, so if in a Stage Performance the Snare Line can come to the front, then the Tenors and Basses in turn. There is a two bar break betweeen solos to allow the other section to come to the front. Have a look and listen to this Snare feature section, which includes some backsticking (p.s I didn’t know how to notate backsticking correctly, so I wrote them as square notes – the students understood it clearly so I left it!)

What I found when developing these pieces that the most important thing was Flexibility. Students in the ensemble needed to learn that they sometimes had to repeat pieces, sometimes had to extend pieces, and their repertoire had to be able to fit into exacting performance requirements. As you can see in the next example, the end of “Beat that Drum” can finish if required, or flows seamlessly into “Mambo Jambo” with just the vocal chant to signal the change – The choice is yours!

Being a Mambo, the second piece in this set has the opportunity for added Cowbells and extra effects, if you have the hardware. My little Aussie group didn’t have the extras, so they played the Mambo on the rims. There are some unison sections, some feature sections, and a build up towards the end.

Drum Fire Parts 1 and 2

Get Your Drum Line Moving with this one!

Drum Fire music cover

In developing my little Aussie Drum Corps, the hardest thing I found was motivating them to move! Their feet were NOT used to marching in time – they didnt even know what foot to start on, let alone how to get a formation happening!

Needless to say, this is why this piece evolved – it is a little simpler to play, however it involves some essential moves.

It follows the same pattern as the other piece – 4 bar phrases that are easily memorised, and feature solos for each section of the line. Here is an excerpt from the tenor feature in “Drum Fire Part 1”

In Drum Fire Part Two however there is a special feature section, which my drum corps absolutely loved! It wasn’t because it was particularly musically thrilling, they just got to play each others drums! I had designed a drill where the snares had to stand opposite the tenors, and then they play a figure on the opposite members drum. It was great fun for the drummers, and looked awesome from the audiences perspective.

Bonus CD Quality Recording

If my students could have listened to the actual piece before they played it, then they would have learned it much faster. At the time I didnt have the necessary recordings, but because I know this will help you I have invested the time & money in getting a high quality recording done. This enables you to learn it with your groups in half the time! Furthermore, I am happy if you burn and copy as many copies as you need for your students, once you have purchased any of these products.

But What if it doesn’t work for me?

These drum corp pieces are not trying to be complex – they are simple ideas, and I believe that anyone can take these pieces and find a way to use them to make them work. The whole package may not be right for everyone, but everyone will find something that they can use for their particular group. I am so confident that you will find some useful material in our packages that I am prepared to offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee if you find them to be completely unsuitable.


Unconditional Money Back Guarantee

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I don’t worry about the length of time…..If for some reason you are not absolutely thrilled, then just email me, let me know what went wrong and I’ll refund your money! No Questions. No Hassles.

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Beat that Drum
Mambo Jambo

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Drum Fire (parts 1 & 2)
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If you’d like to purchase both of these packages, I have something special – Just for you!

For those who aren’t sure (like I definitely wasn’t!) about how to implement Marching Drills into a small Drum Line I have put down on paper the formations which I used for “Drum Fire” parts 1 and 2.

This is a special bonus to you if you choose to own both “Beat That Drum” and “Drum Fire”.

These moves are not complex, and the book is very easy to follow, even if you have never taught marching or drum corps before.

If you can be bothered, I have probably given you everything you need right here on this website. You can print out this page and use the examples gives as a starting point to write your own stuff, but quite frankly if I had found this when I started I would have chosen to save myself hours and parted with the very small investment to enable me to do this instantly

You can purchase both these packages together for the small investment of just $34.95 (USD). This includes quality MP3 Recordings and the special “Drum Fire Moves” e-book.

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Beat that drum – Mambo Jambo
Drum Fire 1 – Drum Fire 2
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CD Quality MP3 Recording – Drum Fire Parts 1 and 2
Drum Fire Moves – possible drill movements for drum fire


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So now you have seen how one Aussie music teacher got a small Drum Corps happening with very limited resources, and very limited experience… but it was heaps of fun, and very successful for the school. The schools profile was raised in the community, and we were different to anything else that other schools were doing. Even if you don’t have a drum corps in your school – an investment of under $40 will get you started to try it out, and your students will love the experience.

Try this music out with your drum line tomorrow – and see exactly how much it will inspire them.

Kevin Tuck
Composer & C.E.O – The Fun Music Company Pty Ltd