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Djembe Secrets and Percussion Secrets package

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Just before you leave today I wanted to share with you what else we offer at my company – The Fun Music Company.

My good friend Tim Irrgang and I have put together two courses which help people to improve their skills on percussion, particularly hand percussion and Djembe.

The first, Djembe Secrets has been online since 2006, and it’s been hugely popular. It is found widely across the internet – just try searching "Djembe Lessons" on Google and you’ll find it at or near the top of the search results.

At the Fun Music Company we hear all the time from hand drummers who couldn’t play a note before they got our course who are now proficient with their Djembe – they feel confident and happy that they can remember patterns and perform them with a good sound from their drum.

Tim has recently completed filming of a new course entitled Percussion Secrets, which covers learning the basics on Conga Drums in detail, as well as all the other hand percussion instruments that look so easy, but really come alive when you know the correct techniques.

Percussion is such a huge field isn’t it? From Orchestral to Drum Kit, and everything in between percussionists are called on to do such a wide variety of things, and have such a lot of different skills.

Being able to sit in on the filming for percussion secrets was fantastic, and I learned heaps – even about subjects that I thought I knew a lot about!

I really want to be able to share Tim’s unique talents with as many as possible, which is why his is one of the only courses we support here at the Fun Music Company.

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Click for details on the Djembe Program

Click for details on the Percussion Program

One teacher wrote to me recently and said:

"I love Tim’s Percussion programs – I can set a few of the students up with the videos in one corner of the room while I’m taking another group and they’ll learn independently and be able to share with the class the skills they’ve learned"

Hopefully you can see similar benefits to your own school or teaching situation from these courses. Another great benefit is simply that you can improve your own skills, so that you can dazzle students on Hand Percussion, even if you’ve never even touched one of the instruments before!

So here’s the deal:

Each one of these courses is normally $69.00 for online access. This gives you lifetime access to all the video content, “print on demand” resources and audio files.

Because you are a valuable Customer of KT Percussion – I’m pleased to be able to offer them both together for just $89.00 for access to both courses.

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Questions you might be asking…

1) Can I get DVDs in this package?

Unfortunately not, but if you want DVDs you can get them from the individual websites and This special offer is just for online access to the courses.

5) Is there an extra charge for shipping?

No – these are online memberships where nothing needs to be shipped to you

6) Is this guaranteed – can I change my mind?

Absolutely. On ordering you’ll get instant access yourself, so that you can go through the courses and be sure of what you have purchased. Should you change your mind we’ll back it up with our normal 90 Day, no questions asked money back guarantee.

Answered your questions?

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