Would you like Music From KT Percussion Shipped to your door?

Dear Friend,

I know that a lot of teachers LOVE being able to download their music instantly and print themselves from their computer. However I also know that lots of people DONT like digital downloads.

  • Perhaps you’d like the school to pay?
  • Perhaps you don’t want to use your own printer ink?
  • Perhaps you just don’t trust digital downloads?

For whatever the reason, if you would like your music printed, bound and shipped to your door, then we have an option for you at KT Percussion.

If you simply click the “Add to Cart” button, you can add our printing and binding option to your order. We will then send you a printed and bound copy in the mail AS WELL as the digital download.

We charge $20 per piece of music that you require printed, and we include shipping, anywhere in the world!

You will go through a screen that looks like this:

Shoppingcart screenshot

and it is important to select the number of copies to match the number of pieces you are ordering, for example if you are ordering two pieces of music you should choose “2” in the box here:

Shoppingcart screenshot

Here’s the button you need, Simply Click it and then press “Continue Shopping” to add all the pieces you need:

This is a simple and easy solution if you require printed and bound copies of my music. You get all the benefits of the digital download AND you get a printed copy shipped to you door.
You can print it immediately and be rehearsing it tommorow, and you will also get your printed and bound copy in the mail within 14 Days.

Have an inspired day,