Do You Want to Learn The Drums Online?

On this page I have some recommendations for the best that I have found available online


For the drummer getting started in Rock Drumming….

If you don’t know where to start, then I highly recommend you check out what Jared Falk has to offer at Railroad Media.

Jared has taken the time to create a comprehensive series of DVD’s and workbooks that carefully and comprehensively cover nearly all aspects of drumming, wether you are a beginner or a more advanced player.

Rock Drumming SystemWith the complete Rock Drumming System you can become a competent drummer very quickly and there are heaps of other courses available including:

As you can see the product involves workbooks AND DVD’s, to help you no matter how you prefer to learn. The DVD’s include heaps of different camera angles and examples played slow and fast so that you can learn at your own pace.

These DVD packages are exceptional – they are the best available online if you want to learn the drums at home!

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For The More Advanced Drummer Looking to improve their skills…..

Moeller Method Secrets

For those who want to improve their speed, control, power and endurance the Moeller method secrets DVD is perfect. The Moeller method really isn’t as complex as some make it out to be, so Jared Falk teamed up with experienced drummer and clinician Mike Michalkow to produce this excellent DVD. Check it out!


Don’t know where to start with Jazz?

Jazz Drumming SystemI could never hope to cut a jazz gig – until I found Mike Michalkow Jazz drumming system! This video covers everything you need to know to get started in jazz drumming. Even if you only play rock it is well worth getting a basic knowledge of jazz through DVDs like this package.


Lastly, something fun to impress your friends!

One Handed Drum Roll

Master the secrets of playing a roll with one hand with this unique video. Definitely one to check out!

If you are looking for other recommendations, including in-depth reviews of many of the best online learning systems, make sure you check out the Fun Music Company Main Website