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Have Performing Arts Combine to produce a Techno-Trance Masterpiece

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Have you ever had a school Showcase Concert coming up and the Headmaster says something like "Wouldn’t it be good if we could have all these different activities (like dance and music) in one item?"

This happened to me way back in 2000 after spending hours and hours of time arranging pieces for all the different groups. I was a little bit offended at the suggestion that I should do have to do something else as well!

After I thought about it, I realised that it was only because the groups were becoming so successful in the school that there was so much to fit in the school concert, and it was becoming a bit long for the Headmaster to sit through!

So the next year, I took his advice and composed a work that I could record on a CD, and give to the dance teacher to choreograph. So, to cut a long story short, the headmaster and the audience loved it, and have been asking for it again ever since!

Tribal Beat Sound System

tribal beat Sound System Music

If you have ever needed a piece of music that could combine movement with live acoustic playing, you’ll find it in Tribal Beat Sound System.

With This piece you will find a unique blend of rhythmically strong ideas and cross rhythms which are perfect for dancing. Tribal Beat Sound System opens it self up to expressive and exchangeable dance movements and reflects the constant interaction between the whole drum ensemble.

You’ll find this piece a perfect reason to raise the key issues of balance and the importance of strong rhythmical sense. As a group you will travel through a journey laying a strong rhythm foundation while learning to generate the right mix of musicality.

As a piece to incorporate into your your more advanced Drum Group repertoire, Tribal Beat Sound System will generate excitement and action amongst not only your ensemble but through the whole audience as well. It can be performed with dancers, or as a stand alone concert piece.

The piece opens with an explosive question and answer between the high and low drums. You’ll have your feet tapping within seconds as the dance beat comes in underneath in the fifth bar.


This piece features written out unison solos. Each player has a turn to play a solo with another player in unison. Students therefore have to learn exacting rhythm and ensemble skills. There is NO improvisation (unless you decide to expand on the piece and add some!)


Cross Rhythms and Dynamic interaction are a feature of the piece, and this lends it itself to exaggerated dance moves.


At one stage all the drummers play on the rims, leading a dramatic moment of silence and then onto a final explosion of rhythm towards the end!


This piece, while being very different to a traditional percussion ensemble piece will engage and entertain your audience, and give your drummers a real incentive to practice and perfect their ensemble skills.

Don’t just take my word for it, find out what others are saying about “Tribal Beat Sound System”….

Excites the students to practice more, which benefits the concert and marching band…”

The music from Kevin Tuck is fresh and exciting. I am a clarinetist teaching percussion ensemble, and appreciate the teachable music that I have bought. Tribal Beat Sound System is now a staple “encore” for most performances, and Mountains Rising is a challenge and inspiration to perform. The music excites my students to practice more, which benefits the concert and marching band with fundamentaly sound percussionists.

Mike Filkins
Cadillac High School
Cadillac, MI, USA


The Students in the ensemble love these pieces, and the audiences do too….”

"We have been using Kevin’s pieces at Kings Baptist for over four years now and they have always been the most popular works in the ensembles repertoire. We have built the program at the school up to having three Percussion Ensembles, and they regularly perform them and we have used them for our year 12 Ensemble Performance Assessments. The Students in the ensemble love these pieces, and the audiences do too."

Penny Vandervlag
Head of Performing Arts
Kings Baptist Grammar School, South Australia

Bonus CD Quality Recording

Because I know that in learning this piece a recording is vital. The dance teacher will need it, and so will your Drum Ensemble. It cost me a fortune to get it professional recorded, but for you I know it will be worth it. This is also a FREE license recording, you can make as many copies as you need for your students!

But What if my students Don’t like it?

At KT Percussion we are so confident that “Tribal Beat Sound System” will work for you that we are prepared to offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. We know that your investment in this piece will be worthwhile for years to come, as it will become essential in your repertoire of showcase pieces.


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I don’t worry about the length of time…..If for some reason you are not absolutely thrilled, then just email me within 90 days, let me know what went wrong and I’ll refund your money!

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Tribal Beat Sample File
If your’e not sure about how the product will look when you download it please have a look at the following sample file. This is in Adobe Acrobat Format which is the same as the purchased product. The Purchased product has no watermarks and a complete set of parts.

So now you have seen how you can make your next showcase a highlight event. I had to compose the whole piece in order to keep my Headmaster happy and enliven the concert with a combined dance and music item, but you dont have to. You can purchase this piece and download it now at the click of a button!

Try it out – see if your students like it, and if they don’t you’ll be able to get a refund – where else can you get sheet music on those terms?

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Yours Sincerely,

Kevin Tuck
Composer & C.E.O – The Fun Music Company Pty Ltd

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